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Local Business “In My Belly Pupcakes and Treats” Wins Hearts and Awards on Bribie Island

In a remarkable journey that started with a quest to soothe their dogs’ food-related skin conditions, Lauren and Shelley, local residents of Bribie Island, have transformed their culinary experiments into a thriving business, “In My Belly Pupcakes and Treats”. This homegrown business, officially launched in January 2021, has quickly become a favourite among the local dog-loving community and was recently honoured with the prestigious 2023 Pumicestone Small Business Retail Award.

From Kitchen Experiments to Gourmet Dog Treats

In My Belly began as a labour of love for Lauren and Shelley’s three dogs, Van, Bear, and Lily. Faced with the challenge of finding suitable treats for their pets’ sensitive skin conditions, Shelley spent years perfecting recipes in her kitchen. This dedication eventually culminated in the creation of a range of all-natural, human-grade dog treats and pupcakes, celebrated for their quality and taste.

Community Embraces Local Business

After relocating to Bribie Island in 2019, the duo discovered a vibrant community of dog enthusiasts who shared similar experiences with commercial dog treats. The business gained significant traction after participating in the Sylvan Beach Munch Markets in January 2021, leading to the official birth of In My Belly Pupcakes and Treats. Today, their products are a common sight at local markets and are also stocked at Little Mike’s Cafe in Woorim.

In My Belly Pupcakes and Treats owners Lauren and Shelley with Ali King MP

Fresh, Local, and Award-Winning

In My Belly stands out for its commitment to freshness and quality. Each treat is made to order, ensuring optimal freshness for canine customers. The brand’s signature woofscuits are dehydrated for hours, locking in the goodness and extending shelf life. Moreover, the business prioritises using locally sourced ingredients, aligning with its philosophy of supporting local suppliers and sustainability.

The recent recognition at the Pumicestone Small Business Retail Awards highlights the company’s growth and its impact on the local community. It’s not just the quality of the treats but also their commitment to community engagement and support for local businesses that has garnered them this accolade.

A Growing Online Presence

For those beyond Bribie Island, In My Belly has established a significant online presence, allowing dog owners nationwide to access their gourmet pupcakes, pawty cakes, and baked treats. Their website In My Belly features a wide variety of products, all made with dog-safe, human-grade ingredients, without added sugar or salt.

In My Belly’s journey from a home kitchen venture to a beloved local business reflects the growing trend of pet owners seeking healthier, more natural options for their furry friends. It’s a testament to the power of community, passion, and a deep love for dogs.