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Chilli Coffee and Avondale Meats Bring Flavourful Showcase to Bribie Harbour Shopping Village Markets

In a captivating culinary display, Jimmy from Chilli Coffee took centre stage at the Bribie Harbour Shopping Village Markets, blending local flavours in a demonstration that delighted attendees.

As a proud business of the Moreton Bay Region, Chilli Coffee joined forces with the local favourites Avondale Meats and Avondale Seafood Market to craft a fusion of tastes that are quintessentially Bribie Island.

During the event, Jimmy expertly combined the top-notch offerings from Avondale Meats with the distinct flavours of Chilli Coffee. He showcased a recipe from their Friday cooking show, where chicken garlic cabana was marinated overnight in Chilli Coffee’s exquisite blend, then barbecued to perfection.

But the culinary journey didn’t stop at meat. Jimmy also highlighted the best of Avondale Seafood Market. He prepared a selection of seafood, including prawns, squid, and marinara, using Chilli Coffee’s white chocolate cherry chilli syrup. This innovative blend added a unique twist, enhancing the seafood’s natural flavours.

The demonstration was more than a display of cooking prowess; it was a promotion of the incredible businesses on Bribie Island. It provided an ideal platform for locals and visitors to see the versatility and quality of local produce and its transformation into gourmet dishes through creativity.

Chilli Coffee’s dedication to elevating local produce shone through in each dish. From coffee-marinated meats to syrup-laced seafood, the event celebrated local flavours and culinary innovation.

Those who couldn’t attend the live demonstration can catch Chilli Coffee’s cooking show every Friday at 4:00 PM on their Facebook page, where they continue to experiment and share their passion for combining great coffee with excellent food.

This event highlighted Jimmy’s culinary skills and the unique offerings of Chilli Coffee, while also underscoring the importance of supporting local businesses. The collaboration between Chilli Coffee, Avondale Meats, and Avondale Seafood Market is a reflection of the vibrant and diverse business community of Bribie Island, providing a taste of something truly special for both residents and visitors.

For more details about Chilli Coffee and their upcoming events, follow them on Facebook. Those interested can also visit Avondale Meats and Avondale Seafood Market to experience their quality products first-hand.

Avondale Meats and Avondale Seafood Market is located in the Bribie Harbour Shopping Village, Shop 13, 25 Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach.