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MasterChef Australia Contestant Steve Dennis Brings Culinary Passion to Bribie Island

Bribie Island, renowned for its pristine beauty and tranquil lifestyle, is now home to a culinary star. Stephen (Steve) Dennis, a recent contestant on MasterChef Australia, has settled on the island with grand plans to elevate the local food scene. In an exclusive interview with FTLMEDIA.CO, filmed at Little Mike’s Cafe in Woorim, Steve shared his journey from Port Douglas to Bribie Island and his extraordinary experiences on MasterChef Australia.

From Port Douglas to Bribie Island

Steve, originally from Port Douglas, made the move to Bribie Island to escape the frequent cyclones and to find a more suitable environment for his English wife, who didn’t favour the intense tropical weather. “We discovered Bribie by accident while sailing down the East Coast of Australia, and we fell in love with it,” Steve recounted.

A Journey Through MasterChef Australia

Interestingly, Steve’s entry into MasterChef Australia was a surprise orchestrated by his wife. “I had no idea she applied for me,” Steve laughed. “We were sailing off the coast when I got a call about being selected for MasterChef. It was surreal.”

Although Steve’s first opportunity to compete was thwarted by a cyclone in Port Douglas, he eventually made it onto the show 16 years later. His time on MasterChef was transformative. “Being away from Bribie and my wife was the hardest part,” Steve said. “But the experience was incredible, cooking for hours on end, and getting feedback from culinary legends.”

Two standout moments for Steve were receiving praise from Jamie Oliver for his bourbon tamarind pork belly and being honoured by world-class chef John Christophe in Bendigo. “Those moments were surreal and unforgettable,” Steve said, reflecting on his journey.

Cooking Evolution and Local Influence

MasterChef drastically changed Steve’s approach to cooking. He learned to compress all-day cooking into just an hour, packing intense flavours into his dishes. His signature dish evolved from a beloved quail dish to his famous whisky tamarind pork belly, a highlight of his time on the show.

Living on Bribie Island has influenced Steve’s cooking style significantly. “The local produce here is amazing, from whiting and squid to bay prawns and fantastic berries,” Steve said. He’s passionate about using local ingredients and supporting local farms, emphasising the importance of reducing food miles.

Future Culinary Plans

Steve’s future plans are still unfolding, but his passion for bringing great food to Bribie Island is clear. “I want to introduce more refined dishes to the island, moving beyond traditional burgers and fish and chips,” Steve shared. Whether through pop-ups, a new restaurant, or private cooking, Steve is committed to enhancing Bribie Island’s culinary landscape.

Steve encourages locals to keep an eye on his Instagram page, Steve Wild Chef, for upcoming culinary ventures. “I might do a pop-up restaurant or even come to your house to cook,” he hinted.

Meet the Chef

Steve Dennis is approachable and eager to share his culinary experiences. “If you see me, don’t be shy. Come up and say hello,” he said. His warm personality and dedication to cooking make him a cherished addition to the Bribie Island community.

The full interview was captured by FTLMEDIA.CO at Little Mike’s Cafe, Woorim, showcasing Steve’s vibrant personality and culinary passion. Stay tuned to Bribie Island Hub for more updates on Steve’s exciting culinary journey.