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Driver Fined $1,000 for Driving on Protected Bribie Island Dunes

The Environmental and Science Agency (ESA) is warning motorists to adhere to posted signs, following a recent incident where a driver was penalized $1,000 for venturing onto the safeguarded dunes in the Bribie Island Conservation Zone.

A 38-year-old resident from Ferny Hills faced the fine after an appearance in the Caboolture Local Court on 20 September 2023.

The incident dates back to 11 December 2022 when the individual was spotted by the local Conservation and Nature Protection officers driving in the off-limits area.

Initially, the man was handed a ticket for $287. He opted to challenge this in court.

After court deliberations, he admitted to the act and was penalised $750 with an additional charge of $250 for court-related expenses.

The dunes of Bribie Island are a vital nesting ground for at-risk loggerhead turtles and various birds.

Furthermore, these dunes act as natural defenses against potential erosion.

Trespassing with vehicles on these dunes risks not only the safety of protected flora and fauna but also weakens and harms the dunes, accelerating erosion and the resultant habitat destruction.

As of now, not obeying a posted sign in the Bribie Island Conservation Zone carries a fine of $309.

This court decision is a significant alert to all who visit the Bribie Island Conservation Zone to follow the signs, guidelines, and directions in place.

Unauthorised dune driving is strictly forbidden. Those who neglect this rule not only face financial penalties but also threaten the fragile ecosystem of this unique area.

Bribie Island continues to be a favoured spot for both residents and travelers. Its longevity relies on the responsible behaviors of its visitors.

Protecting the environment and following set rules are pivotal for ensuring that the pristine nature and rich biodiversity of the Bribie Island Conservation Zone remain for coming generations to appreciate.