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Call to Save Bribie Bridge by Transforming it into Moreton Bay’s First ‘Green Bridge’

Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Peter Flannery has launched a campaign to save the old Bribie Island Bridge and turn it into Moreton Bay’s first ‘Green Bridge’. The Department of Transport and Main Roads is currently seeking public input on the construction of a new Bribie Island Bridge, with consultation open until February 27.

Mayor Flannery said that there is a critical need for a new bridge and urged locals to get online and tell the government to get on with building a new crossing for vehicles and refurbish the existing bridge as a pedestrian space.

Bribie Island is a popular destination and welcomes 827,000 visitors every year, which is the highest visitation for any statistical area in Moreton Bay region, according to Tourism Research Australia. A new bridge is needed to accommodate the growing traffic and population on the island.

Mayor Flannery proposed that the existing bridge be turned into a dedicated pedestrian space, refurbished and transformed into a green bridge with plants and landscaping. He believes that it can become an icon in contemporary landscape architecture, similar to New York’s High Line. Councillor Brooke Savige (Div 1) supported the proposal, saying that the current bridge is a major inconvenience for locals and a serious safety issue. The Queensland Ambulance Service averages 17 responses to the island every day, with the largest cohort of residents aged between 70-74.

The Mayor also emphasized the need to put the best foot forward when South East Queensland hosts the world for the 2032 Olympic & Paralympic Games, and having a second bridge in place before then is essential.

The campaign has gained support from the local community and beyond, with many residents sharing their opinions and ideas for the proposed green bridge on social media. The fate of the old Bribie Island Bridge is yet to be decided, and the consultation period will continue until February 27.

Bribie Island Bridge. Photo by aONE Media.

If you would like to share your opinion on the State Government’s proposal, please visit this link.