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Bribie’s Inclusive Future: Engage with BATON for Workforce Diversity

Bribie Island businesses have a unique opportunity to lead the way in inclusivity and workforce diversity through the BUSY Ability‘s innovative Tourism Opportunity Navigator (BATON) program. Nikki Tinney, the passionate Local Navigator, extends an open invitation to local businesses for a conversation about the transformative potential of employing individuals with disabilities.

The BATON program, with its roots firmly planted in the idyllic setting of Bribie Island, offers a specialised service that connects tourism businesses with jobseekers living with disabilities. The program, funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services, is not just about filling job vacancies. It’s about enriching lives, providing new perspectives, and enhancing the fabric of the local community.

Nikki is eager to chat with Bribie Island businesses to explore how the BATON program can align with their staffing needs, boost team morale, and contribute to the community. The program emphasises the fact that individuals living with disabilities are often highly dedicated employees, bringing loyalty and a unique viewpoint to the workforce.

In tandem with the BATON initiative, Epic Assist has been instrumental in creating successful employment stories, like that of Jack Gray. Jack is currently thriving in his role at IGA Sandstone Point, showcasing the success that can come from matching the right individuals with the right jobs. Epic Assist’s commitment to employment inclusivity goes hand in hand with BUSY Ability’s mission, demonstrating the practical and societal benefits of such programs.

Jack Gray at work at Sandstone Point IGA. Photo supplied.

Bribie Island businesses are encouraged to seize this opportunity to become frontrunners in a movement that celebrates diversity and to contact Nikki Tinney to learn more about how the BATON program can be integrated into their hiring practices. It’s more than just employment; it’s about creating a community where everyone belongs and can contribute meaningfully.

For local businesses on Bribie Island looking to explore the benefits of diverse hiring through the BATON program, Nikki Tinney, your Moreton Bay Tourism Local Navigator at BUSY Ability, is ready to assist. Reach out to Nikki directly on 0427 041 501 to discuss how your business can become a part of this inclusive initiative.